Upton Street was a Manchester City Fire Brigade Station on the borders of Longsight and Ardwick, just off the A6 Stockport Road.   When GMC took over it became station E53 and was soon replaced by the present Gorton Fire Station, a couple of miles away just off the A57 Hyde Road.

Steam Fire Engine at the old Upton Street Fire Station early in the 20th century.
[From the GMFS Museum collection and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis F24 SVU200 was believed to have been transferred to Upton Street by the time this picture was taken.
[Copyright picture ~ R. Simpson and reproduced with permission.]

The two pictures above were taken before ONF664H was delivered.
[Copyright pictures ~ Stuart Wilkinson Collection and reproduced with permission.]

When this picture was taken, ONF664H was running for GMC ~ July 1975.

Two contrasting pictures of ERF Simonitor YVU133M ex-City of Manchester.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A Collier]

A welcome rear shot of YVU133M seen on Hyde Road at Ardwick.
[Copyright picture ~ N. Glover and reproduced with permission.]

ERF Simonitor YVU133M was seen being put to good use at a fire in a row of derelict houses.
[Copyright picture ~ the late G. V. Rothwell and reproduced with permission.]

The first 'siginificant' batch of Dennis RS appliances was headed by ENB641T.
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis RS TNF160X was seen in the early days complete with Angloco badge on the grille.
It was subsequently reallocated for some time to Altrincham before eventually going to Pakistan.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A Collier]

Replacement for the above pumps was another pair of Dennis RSs as illustrated by A30JDB.
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis RS appliance A31JDB was seen at a major fire on Great Ancoats Street, 20 April 1984.

Dodge A695MNC was one of the early Emergency/Salvage Tenders.
[Copyright picture ~ Aidan Anderson and reproduced with permission.]

As in many cases, Dodges followed the Dennis appliances here typified by F67ENB & F68ENB
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

Emergency Salvage Tender L979ENC was seen in the station yard.
 [NP collection ~ courtesy A Collier]

Volvo FL6 P988JRJ was seen at a rubbish fire in Openshaw, 24 August 2000.

Second pump P989JRJ was well travelled at it acted as support pump for the emergency salvage tender.
On this occasion it was supporting the Rochdale EST at a 6 pump incident in Lancashire County Area, 13 April 2003.

Volvo FLH MH04FJD was seen at an incident in Beswick, 25 May 2012.