The fire station on Cross Street shortly before closure in 1960.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A. Collier]

Horse Drawn Pump Escape outside the Cross Street Fire Station ~ date unknown.
[Copyright ~ Wigan Archives Services, Wigan Heritage Service, W.L.C.T and reproduced with permission.]

Seen outside Cross Street station was Leyland FE TE5614 which was new around 1928.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A. Collier and  restored by B. Baxendale.]

Karrier 402ATC was seen in Hindley Mill Lane, Hindley, in summer 1959.

Since this picture first appeared on the Whiston page, mystery has surrounded its true allocation.
Thanks to official brigade records, I can now confirm that this appliance was definitely allocated to Hindley
from late 1956 until early 1961, when it was indeed transferred to station C53 Whiston.
The query over the 'B' in the front nearside window has also been resolved.
It is in fact an '8' .  Prior to becoming D65 Hindley was Station 8.3 in the old district numbering system.

[NP collection ~ courtesy A Collier]

Another picture of Karrier 402ATC whilst at Hindley, with Austin K2 GXH42 just visible behind.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A Collier]

For a variety of reasons, Bedford TK 539UTF allocated here in 1963, was the fourth appliance since 1961!
It is believed that this picture was taken at a large fire at Ram Mill, Chadderton in 1967.
[Copyright picture ~ Roger Simpson and reproduced with permission.]

HCB-Angus bodied Ford D1617 URJ793S was seen in the station yard.
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

After a period at Wigan, Dennis RS EVM946T moved to Hindley.
It was seen here following a slight mishap in Brinsop Hall Lane, Blackrod, in the mid 1980s, when the track collapsed.
However, it was quickly righted, washed off, and straight back into service, having sustained no damage.
[Copyright pictures ~ S. Blackledge and reproduced with permission.]

Leyland Freighter G416RJA was seen at an incident in Bolton.
[Copyright pictures ~ Aidan Anderson and reproduced with permission.]

Another picture of Leyland Freighter G416RJA in the station yard, but note the experimental beacons in the upper picture.
[Copyright pictures ~ A. Kent and reproduced with permission.]

Hindley Volvo P996JRJ was parked in the station yard, 14 August 2005.
Its replacement was already at the station.

Volvo FLH PN05EHD was seen at incident in Golborne, 13 July 2013.
This appliance was converted to a TRU late in 2013.

Volvo PO60KWU was seen returning from an incident, 20 April 2014.