Mossley was one of the many stations to move from Lancashire County to Greater Manchester in 1974.
The old station was seen here in 1972.

Although it is not my intention to include every old fire station in a new guise, this one definitely merited inclusion.
The ex-GMC Renault has still to be identified.  The pictures were taken 25 June 2009.

Commer HY 348KTF was seen at a mill fire in Hollinwood, 5 June 1973.
Note: An additional picture of this appliance can be found on the Littleborough Library page.
[Copyright picture ~ Satis UK and reproduced with permisison.]

Commer HY 348KTF seen at workshops after it crashed in Mossley in July 1973.
The appliance was hit by a car which snapped its steering mechanism thus causing the appliance to hit a house.
Fortunately, crew members only sustained relatively minor injuries.
[Copyright picture ~ K.F.Reid MBE and reproduced with permission.]

In fine form is Mossley's other Commer HY ~ 351KTF
(Photo courtesy of Mossley Fire Station ~ 8 February 2004)

Another picture of 351KTF when seen at Tudor Mill, Ashton-under-Lyne, 24 June 1970.
[Copyright picture ~ Satis UK and reproduced with permisison.]

Records show that Range Rover PTJ698M was allocated here in Lancashire County days prior to moving to Eccles.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A Collier]

PTJ698M was seen at the Duxford Fire Engine rally in the mid 1980s after it was sold to SEC Fire Protection.
[Copyright picture ~ P. Williams and reproduced with permisssion.]

Ford D1617 URJ792S was seen in the station yard in the mid 80s.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Kent and reproduced with permission.]

Dodge F41HND was probably the most famous appliance of its era, as it appeared on the cover of the Manchester North East Phone Directory.
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

Unique Bedwas bodied Dennis, L609DDB was unusually allocated to at least 3 stations
having moved from Bolton North and subsequently to Hyde.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Kent and reproduced with permission.]

Peugeot~Talbot LFA M321NVU began and ended its service at Mossley with a time at Hyde in between.
It was seen at the Fire Extravaganza in Milnrow, 3 September 2005.

Volvo X846KNA was seen in Stalybridge following a large moorland fire, Easter Day 2006.

Volvo PN08UWX was seen at an 11 pump fire on the moors east of Mossley, 19 April 2018.
[By January 2020 this appliance was part of the reserve fleet.]