I am grateful for the information that this appliance is not in fact the FK6.
Further research suggests it might be Leyland F7T1 ETJ600 formerly at Farnworth.
It was seen in the yard at Radcliffe Fire Station in the early 1950s.
[Copyright picture ~ The family of the late A. Sutcliffe and reproduced with permission.]

Commer HY 344KTF was part of the reserve fleet when seen at Littlebrough Fire Station, 3 October 1971.
[Copyright picture ~ Satis UK and reproduced with permisison.]

Always my favourites, as they were the first appliances I remember,
I am very grateful for this first colour picture of a Commer HY 349KTF fitted with additional spotlights,
and dating back to Lancashire County days.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A Collier]

Most of the Commer HYs were replaced by the brigade's first diesel Bedfords as with PTB138G seen here.
[Copyright picture ~ R. Simpson and reproduced with permission.]

These two pictures of Bedford PTB138G were taken at Lister Mill, Middleton, 10 April 1969.
[Copyright pictures ~ Satis UK and reproduced with permission.]

 Ford URJ789S was seen leaving Rochdale Fire Station when in use as a reserve.
It was based at Whitefield from new and was the first appliance to have B.A. sets set into the back rests of the rear facing seats.
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

E854UNA was the first Leyland Freighter to enter service with GMC and was seen in Heaton Park.

Leyland-Daf K207VVU was photographed at the rear of the station.
[Copyright picture ~ K. Reid MBE and reproduced with permission.]

Leyland-Daf 60 K207VVU seen from the working end.
[Copyright picture ~ Stuart Wilkinson Collection and reproduced with permission.]

Volvo pump V479EBA was photographed leaving an 8 pump incident in Bolton, 4 October 2006.

Volvo PN57AOV was seen at an incident, Bridge Street, Golborne, 13 July 2013.