Dennis F28 XRJ538 was seen in the yard at Broughton Fire Station.
[Copyright picture ~ R. Simpson and reproduced with permission.]

Although eventually based here, Hi-Ex Foam Unit DTJ956J began life at Chadderton with Lancashire County Fire Brigade.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A Collier]

Ford MND715P was seen at a school fire in Pendleton in 1978.

A welcome rear end picture of MND715P taken in the fire station.
[Copyright picture ~ D. Cook and reproduced with permission.]

Ford BND310T was the brigade's second Hi-Ex Foam Unit.
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis ENB642T is seen at a gas pipe fire on the Cambridge Industrial Estate.

After service with GMC, ENB642T was sold to County Clare for further service and re-registered 79-CE-77.
It worked for various brigade and remained in service until 2003 ~ a grand total of 24 years ~ until being sold into preservation.
I am indebted to the present owner for sending this picture taken in May 2006.
[Copyright photograph ~ Mark Phipps and reproduced with permission.]

Dodge G13C C745DNF was seen in the station yard.
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

Similarly positioned was sister appliance C746DNF
[Copyright picture ~ the late Alan Gartside and reproduced with permission.]

A number of the second batch of Leyland Daf Freighters were allocated close to the centre of Manchester.
H374FBA was photographed at anm incident in teh Bolton area.
[Copyright picture ~ Aidan Anderson and reproduced with permission.]

The second Leyland Daf Freighter was H375FBA,which was seen in the yard at Broughton.
[Copyright picture ~ K. Reid MBE and reproduced with permission.]

Now registered A424 the former H375FBA was still in use on Ascension Island, 2 October 2007.
[Copyright picture ~ D, Angus and reproduced with permission.]

By early 2015, Leyland A424 was languishing out of service.
[Copyright pictures ~ I. Johnson and reproduced with permission.]

Volvo FL6 R358VND seen at a 15 pump fire in Hollinwood, 9 August 2001.

Broughton's other first generation Volvo was seen on the station forecourt, 8 August 2004.

Volvo FLH PN05EHF was seen at a serious fire on Store Street, Ancoats, 2 September 2011.

Volvo PN05EHG was seen lin Canal Street, Littleborough, 20 August 2013.

Another shot of PN05EHG which is the only GMC appliance to carry the station name on the rear, added for a Channel 5 documentary.
It was seen at a major fire in Bryn, 19 May 2011.